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B2B Marketing

Solus Connex is part of Universal Media a global marketing and publishing company. Given our experience and expertise, we are able to reach out and connect with thousands of prospects from the legal, financial and business world through the subscribers of CEO Today, Lawyer Monthly and Finance Monthly publications and websites.

Our portfolio of B2B marketing solutions enables you to build, create and manage highly targeted business messages when boost your sales and marketing activities. Our bespoke technology platform allows us to deliver email campaigns with speed, accuracy and across multiple time zones . Our data auditing processing ensures that your data stays clean, compliant and relevant. Our expert team will work with you target companies that are searching for your services and products and we will also devise content based on search terms being used by companies you wish to target. We ensure your business messages are put in front of the right people at the right time.

Truly global business data sets designed for successful B2B sales and marketing campaigns.

Our data sets are made from HNWIs, UHNWIs, C-suites, Business Owners, Firm Partners and Entrepreneurs, other e-marketing companies may have more records but no other company can match the seniority of the positions in relation to the data we hold. Our B2B marketing data is flexible to suit any sales or marketing requirement, from comprehensive data to simple email lists.

With many global data selection options, we make getting the exact data for your requirements is fast and very easy.

Above all, our B2B database is of the highest quality and levels of compliance.

A 360 service

We have not only the data but also the technology to send the data and track data. In addition we have the creative skills to create engaging content for your audience.

Please note we do not sell data.

If your business needs to generate leads and create brand awareness through e-marketing then get in touch with one of our team today.

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